Listol – Information and Consumer Reviews


Listol is a natural supplement that is used to control the symptoms of ADHD/ADD in adults as well as children.  The natural ingredients in Listol help to restore the levels of nutrients in the body that are essential for people that suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  There have been no reports of negative side effects from using Listol from the Manufacturer. Click here to visit the Manufacturers site for further information. Benefits of Listol for ADHD:- Increased mental consistency Increase in processing of information A decrease in impulsiveness Increase…

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Melatrol Information and Customer Feedback


Melatrol is a natural sleep aid that promotes sleep and relaxation, helps you regulate your perception of night and day and therefore encourages the body to sleep naturally. Find out more about your natural sleep aid with Melatrol Sleep Aid Melatrol Benefits:- Melatrol can be safely used as a sleep aid and has the following benefits:- Promotes natural sleep with no side effects No overtired/drowsy feeling the next morning Regulates sleeping patterns without causing addiction 100% natural ingredients that your own body produces naturally Melatrol Ingredients:- Melatrol ingredients are 100%…

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Licenex – Facts and Customer Feedback


Licenex shampoo is a homeopathic treatment for natural and safe relief from head lice infestation. It has been specifically formulated to effectively remove lice and nits, while helping to soothe an irritated scalp. Symptoms/Benefits Licenex is an effective head lice treatment, which has the following additional benefits:- Pesticide free Non-toxic and non-irritating Safe to use on children and adults Can be used on laundry and other areas to remove chances of nits and lice reinfestation Includes a lice comb to help lice removal

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Respitrol – Facts and Customer Reviews


When choosing a treatment for asthma, you are more than often restricted to what your doctor prescribes.  Unfortunately, most treatments that are prescribed are toxic and not suitable for long term use. As a person who has a great interest in holistic treatments and alternative remedies I decided to research Respitrol – the OTC homeopathic medicine for managing asthma symptoms. I looked at all available information from a neutral angle and these were my findings. What is Respitrol? Respitrol is billed as a natural medicine which contains safe asthma relieving and…

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Synaptol – Information and Customer Reviews


Synaptol is a leading homeopathic complex formulated to provide relief for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Formulated with natural ingredients accepted by the FDA, to safely and quickly relieve symptoms, it is provided in liquid form making it easier to administer than capsules. Symptoms/Benefits Synaptol liquid is effective against many symptoms of ADD/ADHD, including the following:- Difficulty Concentrating or Listening Impulsiveness Organizational Problems Inattention Forgetfulness Trouble Following Directions Hyperactivity Difficulty Reading and Writing An all natural formula that can help balance energy levels and promote…

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