Respitrol – Facts and Customer Reviews


When choosing a treatment for asthma, you are more than often restricted to what your doctor prescribes.  Unfortunately, most treatments that are prescribed are toxic and not suitable for long term use.

As a person who has a great interest in holistic treatments and alternative remedies I decided to research Respitrol – the OTC homeopathic medicine for managing asthma symptoms. I looked at all available information from a neutral angle and these were my findings.

What is Respitrol?

Respitrol is billed as a natural medicine which contains safe asthma relieving and homeopathic ingredients. It is not a stimulant and can be used safely by both adults and children. This medicine relieves the pain, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath of an asthma attack.

The active ingredients within the treatment are officially recognized and are suspended within a purified and ionized mineral water base and its manufacturers claim that it can even support your overall general health. But can it?

So what does Respitrol claim to do and does it actually work?

As discussed above, Respitrol claims to offer safe and health supporting relief to asthma symptom sufferers. The manufacturers claim that there will be none of the negative side effects which can be common with general over the counter asthma treatments.

The manufacturers, report that it should be used together with any medications and inhalers which are already prescribed. Respitrol brings temporary relief to the following symptoms:-

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Wheezing
  • Tight Chest
  • Upper bronchial congestion
  • Coughing
  • Mucous congestion

There are no known side-effects as it’s a completely natural treatment, and also a homeopathic formula that helps to maintain optimum energy levels and promote overall health and vitality.


Depending on your weight, the amount of Respitrol to be taken can vary. For those under 50 lbs 1/2 ml can be taken twice daily. For those weighing over this amount 1ml twice daily is recommended. However if one is suffering badly with their asthma, these dosages can be upped to 3 times daily.

As with homeopathic medicines in general you must not touch the liquid with anything metal such as a stainless steel spoon – the medicine can be dropped into the mouth directly or can be dropped into pure water.

The liquid is flavorless and is neutral in color when dispensed into water, however it may be a little tangy when dropped directly onto the tongue.

respitrol bottle


All ingredients are homeopathic and are all accepted by the FDA:-

Ammonium Carbonicum, Antimonium Arsenicosum, Antimonium Tartaricum, Arsenicum Album, Bromium, Carbo Vegetabilis, Chlorinum, Kali Carbonicum, Lobelia Inflata, Stannum Metallicum, Sulphuricum Acidum

The method of blending is organic and alcohol-free ensuring a fast and effective way to treat your asthma symptoms.

What do the actual Respitrol reviews say?

Looking at all the official information I had uncovered made me think about independent reviews. What do the actual genuine users of Respitrol say?

As you will imagine, not all of us are built the same way and perhaps not all medicines will work for everyone. Having said this I was very impressed by the positive reviews for this medicine. Even long term sufferers with particularly debilitating asthma appear to have shown great improvements whilst using this medicine.

There are also some less than positive reviews out there and this is to be expected. Not everyone will react to the treatment in the same way and it is up to the individual to take everything into account before deciding whether to try any such treatment. Do not be put off by such reviews if they are balanced and honest.

One often wonders how genuine reviews are, which is why I like to do some independent research. I found a few paragraphs written by a lady whose children were very ill and who were allergic to lots of asthma medication. This medicine worked brilliantly for them and offered great relief.

Below are some actual reviews:-

“My daughter has breathing difficulties associated with sports. Her doctors recommended her to use a chemical. We’ve been changing our views on synthetic chemicals and decided to try a natural product like Respitrol. My daughter commented how much better her breathing has been in just a month” – Whitney Y, (OR)

“Yes, I’m a repeat customer who loves this product! For about two years I was taking conventional chemicals and I was extremely nervous about the side effects with them…After I began taking Respitrol I could tell the difference in my breathing and in the way my lungs seemed more at ease within a couple of weeks…
…after a few more weeks I no longer even needed Respitrol as my wheezing had stopped!…On the occasion when I feel tightness in my chest now (which is much less often than it used to be), I take it for a few days and I am back to feeling like myself. Thank you for such a great product. I am extremely satisfied!” – Louise N, (CA)

“I’ve been taking Respitrol for a little over a month. I had been wheezing and having trouble breathing. My condition had been bothering me horribly and nothing was seeming to help…within two weeks I noticed I was able to lay down at night and breathe easier without wheezing. I recommend Respitrol to anyone suffering respiratory difficulties” – Ida P, (CA)

Where to buy Respitrol

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer (Hellolife) is highly recommended. Medicines should always be bought from the manufacturer if possible and this is especially important when the product is a medicine or treatment.

Retailing at $29.95 for a months supply and  in increments up to $143.95 for a 180 day supply – you can choose how much you wish to try with no repeat billing. Buying in bulk is excellent if you are looking to make some substantial savings (which of course is always welcome!)

Respitrol comes with the convenience of a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. It must be pointed out that you must wait 30 days before returning the bottles as Hellolife do emphasis that the product should be taken for a month to judge whether it is working.

So what’s the verdict?

There has been a lot of hype with regards to this medicine for quite some time and the positive reviews are too good to ignore. Purchasing a month’s supply initially will give the user a chance to test this product out for themselves and who knows, it could very well change your life judging by the reviews you have just read…

Click below to visit the official manufacturer’s website